Roxy's Natural Bug Repellent

Organic Natural Bug Repellent for You and Your Pet

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All Natural, Safe, and effective our DOG FLEA and TICK and MISQUITOES SPRAY is a blend of 100% organic.


- NO chemicals




The combination of oils and using a dropper instead of a spray provides a great benefit for your puppy.

"Roxy's Natural Bug Repellent " is not only effective and kind to the skin but will also condition and smooth your pet's coat.

"Roxy's Natural Bug Repellent " all ingredients are organic!


Directions for use:


Please shake well. Spray on Fur & Skin generously

If you are worried about sensitive skin you can also rub the oil between your palms and massage it into the coat.

Dogs have a much stronger smell and our Bug Repellent is made with special care not to irritate them and bother them.



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